Baby Music Class

Concerts are back!!!

From May 30th

Limited spaces during gov restrictions. These will sell out quick!


New class with our Ibiza style Sax player

Fortnightly Fridays 

These have been a roaring success. Initial sessions sold out but do check later dates this summer to bag a spot....

*Spaces limited so book ahead*

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Class Adaptations: COVID-19 Notice

I gave my polyester suits to Goodwill, what should I wear?

Well, you can either buy them back or wear what you have in your closet. We believe God is much more interested in our internal life (motives, thoughts, desires, attitudes, etc.) and actions than how fancy or expensive the outfits are that we wear. Please come dressed in what makes you comfortable. We simply ask that your body is adequately covered. Here is an idea of what you may see when you visit. Our pastors generally wear a pair of slacks with a button down shirt. In fact, you will probably only find them in a suit if they are officiating a wedding or a funeral. The congregation wears anything from jeans and a t-shirt to business casual to professional attire. Don't worry, we do not have any fashion police here!

Where do I park my car?

In any marked parking space you like (please don't create your own). If you have children or teens, we recommend parking in the lower lot. However, if you are here just for the worship service or have no children you might want to park in the upper lot. If you are visiting Living Water for the first, second or third time, there are designated parking spaces marked "Guest" just for you in the upper level parking lot. Of course, if you like to walk you might want to park in the back next to the pastors.

Does the pastor preach long, boring messages?

Yes and no. Yes they are long... especially if Pastor Mike is preaching. Fortunately, that is only about 50% of the time. No, they most definitely aren't boring. How could they be? When you take a balding Italian, a smooth talking black Texan, and a Jimmy Buffet loving Floridian, have them teach directly from the best selling book of all time (that would be the Bible), throw in an occasional inspired video, a couple of bad jokes, an unwavering commitment to the truth, and a deep love for people... boring is definitely not what you get. What you get is major life change. Don't believe us? Head on over to our media page and listen for yourself.

What do you believe?

In a word, the Bible. Well, that is actually two words, but who counts definite articles? Anyhow, if you want specifics, check out Our Faith page.

Will I like the music?

That depends on what kind of music you like and when you visit us. Sometimes our worship is very contemporary. Sometimes it is contemporary with a splash of traditional or maybe a little bit of black gospel. Sometimes we have hip hop worship. We have even been known to sing a country song or two and sometimes we sing in other languages of the world. So, if you like variety then yes, you will like the music.

Why do you sometimes sing and pray in different languages during your worship services?

From our beginning, Living Water has intentionally been a multi-ethnic Christian church. We did not choose to do that because it was the latest Christian fad or politically correct, but rather because it is biblically correct. There is a common theme running from Genesis through Revelation that speaks not only of individuals being reconciled to God but also to one another. This can be clearly seen in Jesus’ high priestly prayer in John 17 when he prays for those who would one day follow him (that would be you and me). “I do not ask for these only, but also for those who will believe in me through their word, that they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so the world may believe that you have sent me.” The unity that Jesus has with his Father is the same kind of unity that he desires for his church. As such, we strive to glorify God by making Living Water a place where people of diverse ethnicities, socio-economic status, educational backgrounds, ages and abilities come together in unity to worship and exalt Jesus. With this in mind, we honor God and minister to the great diversity of his people by regularly using languages like Spanish, French and Swahili in various aspects of our worship services. It is a beautiful reflection of the breadth of God’s Kingdom and a wonderful opportunity for us to become more like Jesus by considering others more important than ourselves.

My family isn't your typical mom, dad, 2.5 kids, and a dog—is that o.k.?

Everyone in your family, extended family, your neighbors, coworkers, even your enemies are welcome at Living Water. As for your pets... even though we love them... unless they are a service animal, we would humbly ask that you leave them at home. Of course if you want to take them for a walk on our 28 acre wooded campus or for a swim in our beautiful creek, we would love for you to do that. Just don't forget to bring the plastic orange newspaper bag with you because everybody hates stepping on "doggie land mines".

Will my kids be safe and have fun at the same time?

Yes, we do everything we can to ensure the safety of the children at Living Water! Whether or not they have fun really depends on them. Our teachers are lively and encouraging, but we still haven't figured out mind control and how to force people to enjoy themselves. Check out our Children and Student Ministries page for more information.

Where do I take my kids and/or students?

Enter on the lower level and ask one of our friendly greeters. They will be happy to assist you with directions. Check out our Children and Student Ministries page for more information.

Are you going to endlessly bug me for money?

No. We will only bug you endlessly to love Jesus more. Our services include only one offering time for members and those whom God moves their hearts with generosity. Guests are under no obligation or pressure to participate in the giving.

What kind of church are you?

We are R.E.A.L. (Relational, Encouraging, Authentic, Loving). We are real people, with real struggles. The great news is we also have a real Savior with real power who can change us and repair our relationships with God and others. We are an independent, non-denominational church. One of our core beliefs is that the local church needs to be a reflection of the community in which it is located. We do not believe segregated worship is part of God's plan. As such, we are committed in creating a multi-ethnic worship experience.


MiniJam Sounds tasty, what should I expect...?

0-5 years music classes and concerts

1. Music and Sensory classes

Fun and modern early-years education through music.  MiniJam is as much about the coffees and natter before/after class as it is about the interactive music and sensory experience for the babies and children. We have pooled some of London’s top session musicians to create funky versions of nursery rhymes to jam along to. We have also teamed up with psychologist  Dr Gabby Bray DPsych, CPsychol, B.A.(Hons) (Oxon) in order to structure our termly programme to best benefit your little one.


2. We also do child-friendly concerts/gigs

You can chat, you can feed, you can change nappies, you can leave half way through. No judgment or protocol here - just really varied music to listen to whilst your little one takes in new genres of music from gypsy jazz to Ibiza chillout.


Check schedule for what’s on next.


When & Where?

(Scroll down for term times & class details)

Term 1a 7th Sept - 16th Oct  Term 1b 2nd Nov - 11th Dec

Term 2a 4th Jan - 12th Feb  Term 2b 22nd Feb - 26th Mar

Term 3a 19th Apr - 28th May  Term 3b 7th Jun - 23rd Jul


Concerts/Gigs continue throughout term-time & holidays

Pre-Recorded Videos

Music For Babies South London

We now have pre-recorded episodes which can be purchased for just £3 during MiniJam holiday breaks, so you never miss out on the fun!


Each episode includes interactive musical games to play at home as well as downloadable MiniJam tracks.

Class Categories & Concert Listings

  • Music for Babies

    Babies, Bumpers & Crawlers

    0-2 years

    Sensory orientated

    Toddlers & Brawlers

    Walking - 4 years

    Instrument Lead

    Age is Just a Number

    0-4 years

    Little ones learning from the big kids

    Sibling discounts available

    35-40 mins

  • Baby Music

    0- 18 months

    Like our MiniJam baby class but lead by our Ibiza style sax player, Chez. Expect pop & house classics with sensory play for the smalls. Great for mamas & daddys who can finish work early on a Friday to come jam with us. The venue has a fab cocktail list for before / after / during. Just sayin'.....

    30 mins

  • 0-5 years

    No formalities here - jazz, nappies, Ibiza house, bibs, acoustic chill-out, coffee. Listen, learn and play. Expect tasty beats from some of London's top session musicians. The venue offers great value coffee during the gig & tasty food after if that tickles your fancy. See listings below....

    45 mins

See concert dates below:

  • Term Pass

    £8.50 per class


    ✔️One click booking for a whole term

    ✔️Sign up any time within the first 9 weeks of term

    ✔️Cheapest option for regulars

    ✔️Ticket transfer for the rest of term to another class with space if naps change

    ✔️Guarantied place every week once you are booked in.


    • Individual tickets can not be cancelled or transferred.


    Buy Now
  • £11


    ✔️Book online or drop in

    ✔️Ticket transfer or cancel a class using the 'view my booking' button on your booking confirmation up to 2 hours before the start of a class.



    • No guaranteed place unless booking online (classes may be sold out)

    • Card payment (cashless) preferred

    • We do not offer free trial classes

    Buy Now
  • £15


    ✔️ £15 for 2x classes

    ✔️Select either 2 concerts or classes or a mix and use discount code 'Myfirstjam' at checkout.

    ✔️Ticket transfer or cancel a class using the 'view my booking' button on your booking confirmation up to 2 hours before the start of a class.



    • Valid for new MiniJammers only

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  • Loyalty Pack



    ✔️ Flexible Class Pass x5 sessions

    ✔️Loyalty class pass valid across classes & concerts

    ✔️Ticket transfer or cancel a class using the 'view my booking' button on your booking confirmation up to 2 hours before the start of a class.


    • Online booking required each class

    • Expires after 3 months

    • Classes may be sold out

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MiniJam Album

Also available on Amazon


Who is MiniJam?

The Birth of MiniJam;

Mini jam is the brainchild of Chez Taylor and Erica Guy. We have been living and working in London as session musicians, teachers and close  friends for over a decade. Leading up to and following the birth of Erica's first child as well as drawing on Chez’'s experience in early years music and sensory classes we decided to create fun and relaxed music sessions that would support parents/guardians/carers, as well as starting to develop young minds. We also hope to encourage confidence in music making for all.

MiniJam co-founders

Suffering from stranger danger? Get to know us.

Thing's to do with Babies Battersea
Thing's to do with Babies South London

Why MiniJam?

The Benefits of music for babies



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Best classes for 9 month old clapham

El Pringle


Minijam is our absolute favourite! My toddler has such a blast every week. I love the music as much as my little one does, as the arrangements are awesome twists on classic songs, and the live music element where the kids get to touch and interact with the instrument as they are played to by a pro, has made my kid absolutely fascinated by musical instruments. I have yet to find anything which comes close to being as good as MiniJam. Couldn't recommend highly enough!

Best classes for 10 month old clapham



We have been coming to MiniJam for ages and our twin boys (who are now two) love it!! Jade is amazing - the music is really high quality and such fun atmosphere. We do a mix of classes and the gigs and always have a great time.

Best classes for 11 month old clapham

Tamara Knight


Just attended my first Minijam class with my 10 month old and we both LOVED it! The teacher was fantastic and gave individual attention to each child who she knew by name. As newbies, we were made to feel so welcome and will definitely be back next week!

Best classes for 1 year old clapham



I've taken both my children to MiniJam for the last couple of years, the love it! It's by far the best music class we've tried...the jazz music makes  it extra enjoyable too! Looking forward to Jamming in our next session with the Lovely Chez :-)



The supportive nature of our sessions will be a chance to quiz other parents/carers or just generally have a whinge about how much sleep you are or are not getting. There have been a number of studies on the improved mental state of mothers with social support. This also extends to fathers/guardians and carers - a problem shared is a problem halved and all the other cliches.


MiniJam is founded with NCT style support in mind.

 The Social

Keep calm and order a babycinno



We are very relaxed and informal within the classes, but we do encourage:

  • Respect for instruments,

  • Patience,

  • Tidying up,

  • Quiet time,

  • Sharing,

  • Concentration,

  • Being active,

  • Caring for others.


Children will often have a really good sleep after music sessions having been mentally and physically stimulated.

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Minijam Facebook

Did you know?

  • 🎁We do gift cards - bring your friends along! (recommended for birthdays).  

  • 🎈We love a party! MiniJam are available for private hirePrices start at £150.  

Safety info.

We’d make fireman Sam proud!


At MiniJam, our music team

wholeheartedly encourage children to listen, touch and play with the instruments and props used in our sessions as an important part of their early development.

We kindly request that adults supervise and participate in our classes to ensure equipment is being used safely.

Read more.....

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Best Baby Music Class Clapham

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