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Ain't no party like a MiniJam party!

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60 mins extended MiniJam Class Semi-formal sit down session. Percussion instrument & nursery rhyme led. * Hello song – if needed or seems appropriate * Nursery rhyme 1 – with flags * Nursery rhyme 2 – with percussion instrument 1 (enough for every child) * Nursery rhyme 3 – with percussion instrument 2 * Parachute song – with large or small parachute depending on space * Nursery rhyme 4 – with sensory item and live instrument demo * Nursery rhyme 5 – dancing song with maracas * Final pack away with bubbles * 20 min live gig (pop tunes) – free play with bubbles and possibly other items already used if needed * Happy birthday sing along (good time to bring out the cake if wanted)

50 mins MiniJam house party or MiniJam gig. Informal fun. Bubbles, dancing and free play throughout. * Giant Parachute play * Maracas * LOTS of musician interaction with the children - children may press buttons / strum strings etc * Bubbles galore * Balloons * Suitable for small intimate events or large scale parties of up to 30 children + 50 adults * PA / Microphone provided

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